Halloween Hurricane

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There’s something to be said about the citizens of Whiteshore. Despite the fact that the town has been wracked by Hurricane Sandy, last night there were kids trick or treating, the pumpkin patch was the place to be, and Halloween parties were abound. Haunted Houses were also equally scary this year, it was truly quite impressive.

Plans to rebuild start once roads and stores are back on track, a registry of houses and their damages will go up soon.

Also it’s No Shave “Movember” and so ladies be prepared to face your man’s scruffiness!


Although things are cooling down outside and snow is gracing those of us in Whiteshore with its presence, that doesn’t mean things aren’t heating up elsewhere! Oh no, if you believed that for a second you’d be dead wrong. One thing that we thought was particularly juicy was the fact that Whiteshore is running into a fair amount of baby daddy drama! Recently, the lovely Vanna Monroe gave birth to a little baby girl. Salvador Lynch is the father, but he’s engaged to ex Black Bullet Buddy Schwarz! You don’t see Vanna getting down, since she’s going for a sugar daddy in Tyler Schwarz, who, yes, is Damian and Buddy’s biological father. Tangled web, right!

Another case we found interesting is the drama going down between Ryleigh Jakobs and her boyfriend Seth Barkhouse. They were spotted with little Kyler in the park with Ryleigh’s best friend Camrianne Dyson and a fairly perplexed looking Dominic White! More to come on that when the details fill in! In looking at their pictures, it’s a good thing this dynamic duo has been snatched up, together they could be real heartbreakers around the bar scene! I’m sure Club Envy is still swarming with pretty ladies, don’t you worry boys (;

Here Comes Goodbye!

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                                                                            Sometimes you have to say goodbye to be good with yourself.

The Fashion of Whiteshore

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Thalia with Dom



some of the sexiest in Whiteshore will be.

Baby B, as Emiliana is so affectionately nicknamed, needs a break from her norm and has decided to take her friends on a trip to her father’s villa.

With this group, we imagine it will be anything but relaxing.

Kenna Bell

Our Spotlighted Citizen! She’s a doll, literally. In a band, makes her own clothes. There is really nothing not to love about the lovely woman.